Nadia was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia of Armenian parents. Her grandparents had moved from the Armenian Highlands to Ethiopia in the late 1920s. She had a blessed childhood growing up in the Horn of Africa. In 1973, the family migrated to Australia as civil unrest became imminent. They settled into a new life in Adelaide, South Australia.

From a young age, Nadia loved reading, especially the Classics. Her late-father was her mentor; he was an avid reader with an extensive library. He taught her that books are man’s most precious possession. During her teenage years she started reading genre fiction, particularly thrillers, murder mysteries and romance novels.

In 1996, her husband’s work took the family to Sydney where she joined the NSW Writer’s Centre and began her life-long ambition of writing fiction. She writes mainly romantic suspense, combining her favourite fiction genres. Nadia lives in Sydney with her husband, mother, daughter, cat and cute guinea pigs.