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Kathleen Kavanagh, an Australian journalist living in England, receives a letter from an Irish legal firm notifying her that Fionnbharr Kavanagh, a distant great-uncle, has bequeathed his vast fortune and estate to her. However, there are conditions she has to meet before she can claim the inheritance. The astonishing news leaves Kathleen perplexed, since not only has she never met this uncle, but also she knows Fionnbharr has children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of his own.

The tragic history of her family, which goes back six generations, is both complex and wrought with bloodshed. Some 150 years ago a powerful curse was placed on the Kavanagh family and its descendants by Aggie Muldoon, a woman from a rival family whose youngest son was murdered by Cormac Padraig Kavanagh, Kathleen’s great-great grandfather.

As Kathleen struggles to find the truth behind the distrust, murder and betrayal that dog her every move, she is forced to not only confront the metaphysical apparitions and werewolves that seek to destroy her, but also her own internal demons.

So begins Kathleen’s chaotic journey, which gradually unfolds a world of secrets, passion and deceit, against a backdrop of the Celtic lore of shape-shifting and werewolves.

The Curse of Aggie Muldoon is a multi-layered, fast-paced story, making it an exciting, gripping and dramatic read.


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